The Power to Shine

Solar Water Purifiers

Suryagen develops technology for low-cost solar water purification. Using solar energy, water is evaporated and clean water is collected at the outlet. It can purify water with high hardness, TDS, heavy metals ( iron, arsenic), chloride, flourides and nitrates.

We add a small quantity of vetiver to the water which gives it a unique taste. The water from the purifier is collected in a glass bottle and sealed. This increases the lifetime of drinking water unlike sealed water in plastic bottles that have an expiry date for the plastic bottle which is due to the leaching of chemicals into the water over a period of time.

Solar water purifier with SS liner

Salt water lamp with AA charger

Suryagen has developed salt water based batteries that can be used in remote areas with no grid electricity. It can power 8 to 12 LEDs and be used as table lamp. The unit requires salt water to be replaced once a week and magnesium electrodes to be replaced after 1500 hours of use.  

The Salt water battery can also be used for charging 2 rechargeable AA cells. These cells can then be used in other appliances. 

This technology provides a cheap way of bringing lighting to remote areas. 

Salt water Lamp - Brochure.pdf

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USB Charger

A means of charging USB devices on the go using AA cells. It can hold two AA cells and provides 5 V output at the USB. It also has an LED emergency light. 

Biogas - from waste to electricity

Suryagen provides consultancy for set-up of Biogas plants with bottling of methane and generation of electricity. We are looking for partners for setting up battery charging stations tied to the biogas plants for use in various applications. 

Solar air heaters

Suryagen custom builds solar air heaters for use in drying and heating applications. We provide solutions for food drying like papads, fryums with indirect heating process to preserve the quality of the product. We also provide air heaters for use in industrial applications. 

Solar Ice Makers

Suryagen develops low-cost Solar Ice Maker and Refrigeration technology using Ammonia-Calcium Chloride and Methanol-Charcoal systems.

Stirling Engines

Stirling engines are external combustion engines which can use any source of heat for operation. Since the combustion takes place outside the engine, the wear and tear of parts is reduced thus leading to silent operation and reduced maintenance. Suryagen is working on Alpha and Gamma type Stirling engines for electricity generation. These engines are in prototype phase. 


Cam Shaft Alpha Stirling Engine


Ross Yoke Alpha Stirling Engine