The Power to Shine

Why Suryagen?

Finding reusable sources of energy is one of the biggest imperatives of mankind today. Breakthroughs in recent years have driven down costs and improved efficiencies in solar power. SuryaGen is at the forefront of this research and is exploring innovative and alternative approaches to harness the sun, in ways appropriate for India and other emerging markets.

At SuryaGen, you will be part of a small energetic startup company looking to invent the future.You will work with visionaries and leaders:people who have a passion for creating technological breakthroughs and the experience to bring them to market. We are looking for talented, ambitious and motivated individuals to join our team. The job will require hard work, creative thinking, and the ability to learn new skills and technologies quickly. You will have plenty of fun and you will be stretched. We will give you the right guidance and training, yet let you take risks and exercise your creativity. 

You will learn about leading solar technologies and approaches and you will get involved in their design, testing, and refinement. You will help build prototypes and design them for manufacturing. You'll also get involved in market research and customer feedback. You will build skills that will be valued tremendously, anywhere. 

Join us and make an investment in your future.

Job Openings and Student Internships

Staff Engineer - Fresh or Recent College Graduate 

Job Requirements

  • Develop and refine designs for solar machine models, working under guidance

  • Perform independent thermodynamic and other calculations to set, verify and validate designs

  • Perform simulations using software and other methods to predict and estimate model behavior

  • Build, refine and test engineering concepts and drive them to prototype specifications for fabrication

  • Analyze and set up testing procedures to evaluate actual performance against design goals

  • Undertake research and investigation of new approaches and ideas in areas of solar energy capture, energy recovery, machine design and materials use


  • Must have a BE/BTech in Mechanical Engineering, Thermodynamics, Aerodynamics, or Applied Physics

  • Excellent academic record will be a plus

  • Must be highly motivated and entrepreneurial individual who seeks to work in path-breaking environments

  • Relevant project experience will be a plus

  • Exposure to solar technologies is desirable

  • CAD and 3D modeling experience is desirable

  • Successful candidate will have excellent team skills and the ability to get a job done

Senior Staff Engineer - Experienced College Graduate 

Job Requirements & Qualifications

As above. Additional qualifications include:

  • Masters degree or 1-2 years experience in deeply relevant field

  • Ability to lead others in engineering projects

  • Good communications skills

Student Projects

We invite final year engineering students to apply for doing their final year projects with us. We have structured projects that include both theoretical and practical assignments and will prepare you for a job upon graduation. They will also give you a good flavor of working in a fast-paced, hands-on engineering environment and explore the field of solar energy. 

The basic aim of the project will be to build and test a prototype engine that is powered by solar heat. The model has to be optimized in terms of critical design parameters, such as size, rpm, piston stroke, and overall efficiency. Design issues will involve thermodynamic property calculation, material selection, differential heating and cooling rates, frictional losses and their reduction, and overall wear and tear reduction. You will work closely with the guiding team. We are looking at a team of 3 or 4 hardworking students working full time for about 4-6 months.

To apply, please follow the same instructions as the full-time job. Indicate clearly that you are applying for "Final Year Project".